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Adrian Lie

Coequal to this, the process of undisturbed muscle "pads" contracts and blocks the venous outflow, which leads to enlargement of the penis. After sex or arousal decreases, the muscle cells in every direction the veins remit and blood whirl resumes. If this does not stumble on, the penis continues to execute a make out with blood, which leads to further enlargement of the process, tissue devastation and sincere pain. This contingency is called "priapism" and is a medical emergency. What is impotence.

The blood contribute to this tool is carried excuse by the genital artery, and the outflow occurs under the aegis the penile vein. The penis is innervated next to several roots from the spinal cord, located at the lumbar level. This is noteworthy because trauma to this spine or closure of arteries inevitably leads to sex dysfunction. The device for increasing the mass of the penis is perfectly simple. All but all tissues are approached by everyday vessels that bring (arteries) and give transport away (veins) blood. Accordingly round the veins are clusters of muscle cells in the form of "pads". During sensual arousal, a enough amount of blood flows to the penis with the aid the arteries.

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The penis has a structure that is singular from other organs, which allows it to significantly change its range, depending on the condition of arousal. It has three biggest parts. In the center is the spongy portion, which is ellipsoidal in shape and ends in an spreading - the head of the penis. On the sides of the spongy allotment, there are two cavernous (cavernous) bodies.

According to various sources, the acceptance of impotence in the world ranges from 10% to 35%, while only equal in ten applies due to the fact that medical help. Traditionally, this mark is considered "ignominious", most patients are flustered to consult a doctor with such a problem. In Russia, an additional difficulty is created past the deficiency of expert doctors: urologists and andrologists. Principles of anatomical structure.


Joseph Goh

Erectile dysfunction (synonymous with impotence) is identical of the most unpleasant conditions after any curb, which affects his parallel of self-love and relationship with the courteous sex. Notwithstanding the fait accompli that it does not play the part any intimation to lifestyle, ineptness significantly reduces its quality and leads to psychological problems.

Goh James

Enervation: treatment, causes, signs, after 50 or in prepubescent people.

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